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About online courses
online kurzy We have recently launched online courses, including the massage courses and all other courses. Check out the preview of the new education system, thanks to which you will acquire all the necessary skills, and through means of which you will also be tested at the end of the course.

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Hawaiian masagge ONLINE COURSE
online kurzy The Hawaiian masagge ONLINE course from Dexter Academy is easy, safe, valuable and quick skill you can master from comforts of your home. This exciting revolution in massage health care results in fantastic recomendations from each and every costumer. Hawaiian masagge Online course will give you all the knowledge you need to achieve the best help you can provide to people with pain.

If you are either a proffesional masseur or simply anyone who would like to learn, how to take better care of their body and health, Hawaiian masagge is simply the best addition to your base of education.

Dorn method experiences

Experience from Dorn Method take over directly from Germany, where Dorn method originated . We teach the old method , pioneered by Dieter Dorn himself . Lecture at international conferences about the Dorn method .

  • 2008 - Wellness Balnea Prague - Benefits Dorn Method
  • 2009 - Expo Bratislava - Dorn method for masseurs
  • 2010 - Sydney Australia - A seminar for therapists for the Dorn Method
  • 2011 - Fitness & Wellness - Dorn method for masseurs
  • 2011 - Expo Bratislava - Dorn method in everyday practice
  • 2012 - Expo Prague - Dorn method practical demonstration

  • How does it work?
  • You can study wherever you are, using your computer.
  • You can study during the morning, evening, or night. Simply whenever you want.
  • After finishing a lesson and completing the multiple choice test, the next lesson will open up.
  • The courses are launched every Wednesday, but you can start studying whenever you want.
  • After completing the first multiple choice test you have as many days as the number of the lessons of the course +10 days extra time, to resit the test for example, to complete the course.
  • If you are very active, you can be done with the course in one day, however we recommend that you schedule your studies throughout several days, in order to remember and practise all the massage movements.
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  • Price: 200EUR

  • Way of payment
    If you are signing up for the course right before it begins or are not able to complete the payment due to other reasons, wait for the e-mail that you will receive directly after signing up. Thank you.

    Concluded with a certificate.

    The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
    Dexter massage school Dexter massage school Dexter massage school

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    Learning DVD course

    Learn how to massage at home. With our learning dvd disc. All the techniques you will see in detail shots as if you were sitting on a massage course.

    Techniques shows professional Dexter Academy.


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