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About Dorn method + Breuss massage
Dexter massage school - Dorn method and Breuss massage The Dorn method is a successful and famous method amongst the masseurs that work with the motoric apparatus.The Dorn method is a sound but highly effective method, that will gain you many new customers. The therapists at Dexter Academy have dedicated many years to learning the method and have the highest medical education for using the method, and are in contact with lecturers of the Dorn method in Germany.

It is a gentle manual therapy, by means of which the joints and vertebra are restored to their original positions. It effectively rids of psychological and physical blocks. The Dorn method has been tested with success by masseurs and therapist around the world.


Dorn method


Price, Location, Requirements, Payment, Scheduling of courses
Length of course:16 hours or 24 hours

Terms of admission to the massage course Age 18 and above, the course is for layman. Positive attitude!

The location of the course: In our classrooms.

Price: formerly starting at €121. Limited Dexter Academy birthday discount: prices starting at €103 (2 days)

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Ways of payment:: Bank transfer. If you enrolled just before the beginning of the course or are from different reasons unable to make the payment, wait for the email which you will receive immediately after signing up for the course. Thank you. Děkujeme.

Study material and massage oils will be provided at the course their cost is included in the course price.

The course is concluded with a certificate

The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
Dexter massage school Dexter massage school Dexter massage school

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Why you should sign up for Dorn method
Our knowledge of Dorn method is gained straight from Germany where this method originated. We teach the original method that comes directly from Dieter Dorn himself. We give lectures on Dorn method at international congresses.
  • 2008 – Wellness Balnea Prague - The benefits of Dorn method
  • 2009 – Expo Bratislava – Dorn method for masseurs
  • 2010 – Australia Sydney – Seminar about the Dorn method for masseurs
  • 2011 – Fitness & Wellness – Dorn method for masseurs
  • 2011 – Expo Bratislava – Dorn method in every day practise
  • 2012 – Expo Prague – Dorn method: practical demonstration

  • Dorn method amd Breuss massage Dorn method and Breuss massage

    About the course
    At the basic Dorn method course every pair has their own examination chair. A human skeleton is also available to enable illustration of the technique. Each student will try out the health examination and correctional techniques under the supervision of a Dorn method specialist, who has dedicated many years to learning the method.

    Students of Dorn method
    Head massage

    The Breuss massage is taught after Dorn method.

    Afterwards you may sign up for further studies at the seminar: Dorn method II

    The course covers
    You will learn the necessary skills to do the Dorn method safely, the effects and contraindications of the method and you will practise it along with the Breuss massage.

    International accreditation of the massage courses
    accreditation of the massage courses accreditation of the massage courses The certificate is marked with international authorities certification clause, thanks to the high quality of the massage course. We have passed the demanding audit and this massage course was ranked ''high-quality'' by the Rating.

    Massage courses certificate in 15 languages
    massage courses - Dexter Academy You can receive your certificate from the massage course in several languages (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian etc.) The prestigious massage school Dexter Academy has a long standing tradition. You can turn to us for help anytime after completing your studies, we will always be forthcoming. We have for your comfort a brand new client services with full time workers. The entire team of professional lecturers looks forward to seeing you.

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    Learning DVD course

    Learn how to massage at home. With our learning dvd disc. All the techniques you will see in detail shots as if you were sitting on a massage course.

    Techniques shows professional Dexter Academy.


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