About the lava stones massage

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About the lava stones massage
Dexter Academy - Hot stones Hot Stones is a massage that uses massage hot lava stones and can therefore evoke wonderful feelings of relaxation and relief. Precisely for this reason is the massages in demand all around the world. One can surely imagine the pleasant warmth of the real lava stones, that effect the energy flows in the body with their warmth and vibrations, and are beneficial for the mind and relieve tension from the muscles. If you take into account the fact that the lava Hot Stones spare your hands, you won’t be surprised that this massage course is in demand not only amongst the masseurs but also amongst other workers of regeneration and cosmetic centres.

During the Hot Stones massage first-class oils are applied together with the excellent technique that makes you relax and relieves tension. The clients can observe the wonderful effects of the Hot Stones massage even several days after the massage.


The lava stones massage


Hot stones

Price, Location, Requirements, Payment, Scheduling of courses
Length of course:16 hours

Terms of admission to the massage course: Age 18 and above, the course is for layman. Positive attitude!

The location of the course: In our classrooms.

Price: €199 (2 days)
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Ways of payment:: Bank transfer. If you enrolled just before the beginning of the course or are from different reasons unable to make the payment, wait for the email which you will receive immediately after signing up for the course. Thank you. Děkujeme.

Study material and massage oils will be provided at the course their cost is included in the course price.

The course is concluded with a certificate

Hot Stones LIYOLI SHAPED Set 68 pcs
ESHOP with massage tables A real lava stone Hot Stone – processed. The lava stone used for the top-quality Hot Stones massage. Europe's top quality massage equipment supplier brings to the Czech Republic's luxury SPAs the best lava stones. Manually shined for the perfect massage.


Hot Stones ROKVEL FLAT Set 69 pcs
ESHOP with massage tables Lava stones Rokvel Hot stones of the highest quality. For working comfort the lava stone is processed so that it fits the body perfectly and transmits heat.


The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
Dexter massage school Dexter massage school Dexter massage school

Check out more photos and information about beautiful classrooms for massage courses here.

Duration of the course
2 days: learning the necessary grips, learning how to be in harmony with the grips and the principals of the Hot Stones massage, the method of the professional procedure Hot Stones.

4 days: covers the same material as the 2 days course, added is more revision and specification of the individual grips.

Hot Stones
The lava stones Hot Stones, that are used have to be of the highest quality so that they can radiate the optimal energy and accumulate the necessary heat, this depends on their type and origin. We sell the basic Hot Stones including the basic oils and professional heating containers.

The participants of the course get big discounts on the Hot Stones kits (up to 40%).

Everything you need for the Hot Stones massage can be obtained in our e-shop: www.masaze-obchod.cz

Dexter on TV Public
One of our masseurs from Dexter Academyc was interviewed for TV Public where he spoke about the Hot Stones massage.
Dexter Academy - Hot stones Dexter Academy - Hot stones Dexter Academy - Hot stones

International accreditation of massage course
International accreditation of massage course International accreditation of massage course Due to the high level masérského course, the certificate is marked clause international certification authorities. We went through a demanding audit and the massage course was rated as very good rating.

Certificates in 15 languages
masérské kurzy Certificate of attendance masérského course you can get in several languages (En.,Sp.,Ger.,Ru.,It...). The prestigious massage school Dexter Academy has a long tradition. You can contact her at any time after the course, always will accommodate you. He has a new client service with permanent staff only for you. We look forward to welcoming you with a team of professional instructors.

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Learning DVD course

Learn how to massage at home. With our learning dvd disc. All the techniques you will see in detail shots as if you were sitting on a massage course.

Techniques shows professional Dexter Academy.


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