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Indian head massage - course on the Beach
indian head massage course on the beach

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Dexter Academy - massage school courses

Retraining massage course on International Exhibition.

Massage course kinesiotaping on International Exhibition.

New massage couses !
We have prepared a new massage courses in Dexter Academy

  • Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi)
  • Manual lymphdrainage
  • Massage course - retraining
  • Hot Stones - lava stones massage

  • The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
    Dexter massage school Dexter massage school Dexter massage school

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    Dexter Academy - massage school courses Chocolate massage and packs The hot chocolate massage is the diamond amongst the massages and beauty procedures offered by relaxation centres and hotels...more:

    Chocolate massage and packs

    Dexter Academy - massage school coursesThis unique massage of the head helps relieve tension and stress to which we are constantly subjected. It will produce maximal relaxation and relief. It is a massage that will gain you many customers, anyone can do it and it is very useful in relationships where it can strenghten the bond between you and your partner. It functions as a real remedy, affecting pains and tension in neck and shoulder muscles.

    Indian head massage



    Learning DVD course

    Learn how to massage at home. With our learning dvd disc. All the techniques you will see in detail shots as if you were sitting on a massage course.

    Techniques shows professional Dexter Academy.

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    Had great time and a lot of fun during the kinesiotaping course at Dexter Academy. Lecturer explained everything in the most wonderful way from which we could tell that she is an experienced professional at her fied. If there was anything we did not know or fully understand, the lecturer explained everything with patience and eagerness, shown the right way and explained again how it should be done correctly.

    Taping: Kinesiotaping, 20.03.2015

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    Good day, I would like to thank Karlos for his most pleasant aproach and lead of Mawaii massage Lomi Lomi course. We enjoyed theese lectures very much and besides the education, we had very good time. Thank you very much, Lenka.

    Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi I, 1.8.2013

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    Absolved 150 hour course of sport/ralaxing massage in practise within Dexter Academy. Lecturer was the amazing David, whom managed to transform our bunch into proffesional group of masseurs. We gained valuable knowledge, required skills and mainly new friendships!

    Champi masseur course, 16.12.2014

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    Synopticly formed scripts, clear interpretation, no cons I could mention. Jan

    Bamboo massage, 28.4.2014

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    Hello. I tried massage with hot stones for the first time here at Dexter Academy and I have to say that its just amazing. I would never have guessed that hot stones could be so pleasant. Masseur was an expert in its place. Rating 10/10 :) Majda

    Hot Stones I, 14.10.2013


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