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Health Masseur Course
Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course Masseur in health facilities is the best form of education you can chose for further developing your career, whether you already are a masseur or you are thinking of becoming one, with us you have the unique opportunity to learn from the best masseurs and professionals at Dexter Academy. The masseur course Health Masseur is a 500 hour course that fulfils all the strict requirements of the best health facilities and professional SPAs.

Practising massages is a part of the course Masseur for Health facilities. The entire course consist of many hours of practise and well explained theory.

The health masseur course is brought to you, under the patronage of the international accredited school Dexter Academy, by these prestigious companies:

  • private health facility Dexter Therapy s.r.o. with accreditation number 74061/2011/VZV
  • health facility Medicentrum s.r.o.
  • Lázně Teplice v Čechách a.s. (spa)
  • Lázně Hotel Vráž s.r.o. (spa hotel)

Graduates from Dexter Academy are highly regarded therapist in many countries around the world, by enrolling in this course you sign up for studying at luxurious facilities.

Part of the massage course Health masseur is a one week training in a health facility (additional to the scheduled classes)

Health Masseur Course

The course covers
Indian head massage and anti stress massage Dexter massage school Hygiene, somatology, massages in practise, first aid, balneology, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, physical therapy, contraindication, psychology, legal practise of the masseur, ethical codex of the masseur, massage theories.. and much more

Further information
Emphasis on basic health care. Education towards better health, responsibility of the citizen for his own health. The role of the health care worker in educating about health and prevention. The importance of prevention. The responsibility of the health care worker. System of health care


Price, Location, Terms, Means of Payment, Forms of Study
Scheduling of courses:
  • Weekends(only Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Intensive(Monday through Friday only)
  • Evening (Monday+Wednesday or Tuesday+Thursday)
  • Individual schedule (after consultation)

Duration of the course: 500 hours

Terms of admission to the course: Age 18 and above, minimal completed education: high school, food license (obtainable at the doctors) The course is intended for masseurs, cosmeticians, and is open to public.

The location of the course: In our classrooms.

Price: Původně od €715 Limited Dexter Academy birthday discount on prices starting at €680 (bonus up to €143)
(plus price for accommodation during the practise in spa, 10 days €7 per day/ occasionally free of charge)
Price of the individual course: €893 - down payments possible
Limited Dexter Academy birthday discount on prices starting at €680 (bonus up to €143) (plus price for accommodation during the practise in spa, 10 days €7 per day/ occasionally free of charge) Dexter massage school - Action

Should you need a certificate of acceptance for the employment office, you now have the possibility to generate it online here. here


The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
Dexter massage school Dexter massage school Dexter massage school

Check out more photos and information about beautiful classrooms for massage courses here.

Graduates Health Masseur Course
Congratulations to the best massage team to call on health exchange.

Graduates Health Masseur Course

Which certificates will you receive at the end of the course
  • Certificate from Dexter Academy Ltd. with international validity with code and accreditation KID
  • Certificate certified by the Department of Health and social security of the Czech Republic for the profession of MASSEUR
  • Certificate that gives you licence to open your own Masseur business
  • The right to obtain the international massage licence Health Masseur

Employment for our graduates
After completing this massage course on the basis of the obtained certificate you can work as masseur in health care and as a regeneration masseur. You will be able to perform, under the supervision of doctors or a physical therapist, on the given healing procedures.

Presenting the prestigious spa Hotel Vráž, partner of the Dexter academy
Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course The spa complex Spa Hotel Vráž is located 10 km from the city of Písek, in the romantic vicinity of woods in the valley of river Otava, which provides our clients with serenity and plenty of privacy. The location ensures smooth access by car, zdravotní masérský kurz train or bus. The spa house Zámek offers first class single or double bed rooms. The rooms have top - notch equipment. The spa house has a barrier-free access, Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course and offers the following procedures: traditional massages, reflex massages, under water massages, peat wraps, baths, physical therapy, termoteraphy and other procedures. The union of first-rate spa with the prestigious massage school Dexter Academy will bring you success. Here you will become a successful health care masseur. Welcome to the world of first class health care.

Presenting the oldest spa in Bohemia: Teplice, partner of the Dexter Academy
Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course Spa Teplice is the spa with the longest tradition in the Czech Republic. The local thermal springs have been used since the twelfth century and it was precisely because of the expansion of spa services that the formerly unknown city Teplice became an important centre, with sumptuous spa houses and beautiful architecture. Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course The city, thanks to its thermal springs and its unique atmosphere, has always been visited by famous rulers, diplomats, artists and other great personalities of the various periods. Still nowadays Teplice are famous primarily for the renowned and proved effects of the thermal springs. First-class care and premium services are provided Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course in the four spa houses: Císařské lázně (Emperors Spa), Lazeňský dům Beethoven (Spa House Beethoven), Kamenné lázně (Stone Spa), and Nové lázně (New Spa). The spa house (with the exception of partitions) Dexter massage school - Health Masseur Course provides board and lodgings and health treatment all under one roof. The capacity of the spa houses is a total of 683 beds. A team of professional workers - experienced doctors, qualified nurses, physical therapist, spa masseurs, and others, who continuously perfect their specialisation - is constantly attending to the needs and comfort of the clients. The clients that are treated here are mostly the ones that suffer from disorders of the motoric system, vascular diseases, neural deceases and mental disorders.

Successful graduates of the course
The reason behind the success of students at Dexter Academy is of course revealed at the course. Don’t hesitate and sign up for what is said to be the most complex massage course in the CZ. The course is being opened only sporadically, so don’t miss your chance to be there.

Masseur license
International Masseur license in the English language. After completing the course you have the unique opportunity as the only ones in the CZ to obtain a prestigious international Masseur license in the English language. The license is accredited by two foreign accreditation authorities.

Massage Course Health Masseur
Masseur for health facilities contains the entire needed skills and knowledge required for the professional career of a masseur. You will learn to give the perfect massage according to the newest trends in Europe and in the world. Masseurs and lectures at Dexter Academy often have internships abroad in health resort and SPA centres and will gladly share their knowledge.

Lecture at the international trade fair
Lecture at the international trade fair The lecture ‘How to become a successful masseur’ at the international trade fair in Bratislava. We participate at trade fairs on a regular basis and give lectures about massages and the current trends in this branch.

The profile of the graduate of the accredited qualification course for masseurs
    Target knowledge:
  • being competent for working in the given branch
  • manages the cooperation with other professions in the health care
  • knows the ethical, legal, and psychological aspects of the health care profession
  • knows the basics of organisation and running the health care establishment
  • knows the basics of somatology with emphasis on the motoric system
  • is well oriented in the basics of psychology and communication
  • is proficient in the theory of massages including their indications and contraindications
  • knows the theory of physics treatment - applying heat, wraps and hydrotherapy procedures

  • Target skills
  • is able to give traditional massages
  • applies heat by using solux or paraffin
  • applies wraps
  • performs partial or complete baths
  • performs basic hydrotherapy procedures
  • recognises conditions that exclude the possibility of massages or the physics treatment
  • participates on taking over and putting away medical tools and linen
  • participates on disinfecting and sterilising the medical tools

The massage course is the most important course in the professional career of the masseur
The habits and art that you will learn in the massage course will stay with you during your entire career. It is very important therefore to learn them correctly. The best masseurs at Dexter Academy are prepared to teach you. We stay in contact with our graduates even after the end of the course, you can turn to us at any time.

International accreditation of the massage courses
accreditation of the massage courses accreditation of the massage courses The certificate is marked with international authorities certification clause, thanks to the high quality of the massage course. We have passed the demanding audit and this massage course was ranked ''high-quality'' by the Rating.

Massage courses certificate in 15 languages
massage courses - Dexter Academy You can receive your certificate from the massage course in several languages (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian etc.) The prestigious massage school Dexter Academy has a long standing tradition. You can turn to us for help anytime after completing your studies, we will always be forthcoming. We have for your comfort a brand new client services with full time workers. The entire team of professional lecturers looks forward to seeing you.

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Learning DVD course

Learn how to massage at home. With our learning dvd disc. All the techniques you will see in detail shots as if you were sitting on a massage course.

Techniques shows professional Dexter Academy.


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