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online kurzy We have recently launched online courses, including the massage courses and all other courses. Check out the preview of the new education system, thanks to which you will acquire all the necessary skills, and through means of which you will also be tested at the end of the course.

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Indian Head Massage ONLINE
online kurzy A unique massage that relieves you from the stress that you are constantly under. It will give you maximum relaxation and provide relieve. It is a massage that will bring many customers to you. Everyone can do this massage. It is very useful in relationships, where it can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It is a true remedy for various pains and the tensions in the neck and shoulder muscles.

Adding the anti-stress neck and shoulder massage is beneficial, and will gain you the trust of your friends, partner or clients. You will rid them of tension an make them feel re-born.

Indian Head Massage is healthy and beneficial due to the fact that it is done on those body parts that are also important energy centres. If a person is stressed, tension accumulates in these parts, and causes various pains. It goes without saying then that in India even newborns get this massage.

The wonderful impact of the massage on the hair and skin cannot be denied and you might just find out where the word shampoo actually came from right at this ONLINE course.

The lecturers that have prepared this course studied under the best masseurs from India and Sri Lanka.

Indian Head Massage Lessons
  • Introduction to the massage, beginning the massage and nape massage

  • The massage of the upper limb, the neck, the occipital bone

  • Massage of the head

  • Massage of the face and ears

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  • Price: 100EUR

  • How does it work?
  • You can study wherever you are, using your computer.
  • You can study during the morning, evening, or night. Simply whenever you want.
  • After finishing a lesson and completing the multiple choice test, the next lesson will open up.
  • The courses are launched every Wednesday, but you can start studying whenever you want.
  • After completing the first multiple choice test you have as many days as the number of the lessons of the course +10 days extra time, to resit the test for example, to complete the course.
  • If you are very active, you can be done with the course in one day, however we recommend that you schedule your studies throughout several days, in order to remember and practise all the massage movements.

  • Way of payment
    If you are signing up for the course right before it begins or are not able to complete the payment due to other reasons, wait for the e-mail that you will receive directly after signing up. Thank you.

    Concluded with a certificate.

    The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
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    Learning DVD course

    Learn how to massage at home. With our learning dvd disc. All the techniques you will see in detail shots as if you were sitting on a massage course.

    Techniques shows professional Dexter Academy.


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