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About kinesiotaping
Kinesiotaping Kinesiotaping is fairly new treatment technique in the CZ, even though it has been used abroad for several years. Its purpose is to effectively treat and correct the motoric system, influence feelings of pain, and prevent overload of top-level and recreational sportsmen. It is a complementary therapy of other treatment techniques, during which the therapist applies to the full his creative and spatial imagination.

The kinesiotaping course is a complimentary course for masseurs, physical therapist and is also open to public and takes place during the weekend. Its aim is to teach the students the basic methods of kinesiotaping and its application in the treatment of musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems.The student will be able to use the acquired information and practical skills in massage centres, rehabilitation clinics, with sportsmen, and even ordinary people.

The practical part takes up the majority of the course. Its aim is to prepare the participant for applying the tape in order to relieve the overloaded muscles, stimulate atrophied muscles, relieve of pain and influence the oedema.

The kinesiotaping course is conducted by one of our 30 professional lecturers from Dexter Academy, a physical therapist and a specialist on kinesiology and kinesiotaping

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Massage course kinesiotaping on International Exhibition.

Massage course Kinesiotaping - taping

Massage course Kinesiotaping

Price, Location, Requirements, Payment, Scheduling of courses
Délka kurzu: 16 hours

Terms of admission: Age 18 and above, opened to amateurs, positive approach required!

Location of the course: in our classrooms

Price: €199
massage retraining course

Ways of payment: Bank transfer. If you enrolled just before the beginning of the course or are from different reasons unable to make the payment, wait for the email which you will receive immediately after signing up for the course. Thank you.

Study material and massage oils will be provided at the course their cost is included in the course price.

The course is concluded with a certificate

The most professional massage classroom in Dexter academy Prague
Dexter massage school Dexter massage school Dexter massage school

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To the course bring with you sharp scissors!
Also bring: bed sheet, towel and comfortable loose clothing.

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Program of the course
1st day (basic principals and techniques of affecting the muscles by kinesiotaping)
• history of kinesiotaping
• the pros and cons of kinesiotaping
• indication and contraindication of kinesiotaping
• physiological effects, the principal of the effect and characteristics of kinesiotaping
• the rules of applying the kinesio tape
• basic applications of the tape to the muscle - influencing the muscle tension
• practical demonstration of basic techniques kinesio tape on the chest and limbs

2nd Day (techniques for correcting the muscles, the muscle sinews, joints, ligaments and the muscle fascicle, influencing the oedeme, scars, and the lymphatic flux)
• revision of the basic techniques of kinesio tape
• correctional techniques (correcting the muscles, the muscle sinews, ligaments and the muscle fascicle, and the lymphatic flux) functional tapping
• practical application for chosen diagnoses (back pains, malfunctions of joints of the upper and lower limbs, oedem, scars)

International accreditation of the massage courses
accreditation of the massage courses accreditation of the massage courses The certificate is marked with international authorities certification clause, thanks to the high quality of the massage course. We have passed the demanding audit and this massage course was ranked ''high-quality'' by the Rating.

Massage courses certificate in 15 languages
massage courses - Dexter Academy You can receive your certificate from the massage course in several languages (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian etc.) The prestigious massage school Dexter Academy has a long standing tradition. You can turn to us for help anytime after completing your studies, we will always be forthcoming. We have for your comfort a brand new client services with full time workers. The entire team of professional lecturers looks forward to seeing you.

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